If a foto is worth a thousand words, cheap phone sex is worth every penny


Nothing is cheap nowadays.  We live in a society designed for consumption and we are bombarded on a daily basis by advertising made to stimulate our senses so that we may reach for our check books.

Advertising…  You’ve got to know the tricks of the world if you want to sell something and the truth is, no matter what people sell, sex always serves as an undertone, a platform from which a message can be launched, elevated and then properly cashed in.  Yes indeed, sex sells, and in spite of what people say, according to every survey, every analysis made on whether a product or service that was promoted ultimately passed the test of success, I’ll bet that in most cases, sensuality was used to get them there.

We are are creatures of basic instincts.  We want to eat, breathe, feel safe, have nice cars, nice houses, all the latest electronic gizmo and of course, we want sex. Single or married, we are driven by these basis emotions.

I was sitting in a doctor’s office the other day, waiting for my turn and I was able to see the effect sex has on people.  There were several magazines on display on the table in the middle of the waiting room.  Invariably, throughout the time that I was there, every person, man or woman who showed up, picked the magazine that had the sexiest people on their front page.

Try it… Go to your local bookstore when you can, have a look at books, and see which one attract your attention first.  I’ll bet they’ll be a sexy woman, a handsome man on the first book you’ll pick.

Sex sells, because deep down, even the most righteous of us all cannot help thinking about…

woman4playAnd that’s why cheap phone sex is such a huge industry.  It is considered a niche in the adult entertainment industry but phone sex has withstood the test of time and not only is it an industry that is thriving, but I don’t see how it can ever be replaced.

Why? Because sex sells, and there is something uniquely human and intimate when you pick up the phone and tell someone who is not with you how much you miss her, or what you would do to him right now…

Do you have a loved one?  Try it.. Call, tell him you love him and then walk him through the steps you would take to make him feel “extra” special, right there…